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2013: McDonald's mit minimalistischer Kampagne in Paris

Im Sommer 2013 machten TBWA und McDonald's mit einer aufsehenerregend minimalistischen Kampagne auf sich aufmerksam: Die Sujets zeigten lediglich Abbildungen des Angebots - ohne erkennbaren Absender. Nun kehrt die Kampagne zurück, mit nochmals reduzierter Darstellung. Die Produkte werden nur noch als einfache Zeichnungen gezeigt.

Last summer, TBWA Paris unveiled a bold campaign for McDonald's that consisted entirely of classic menu items photographed up close—with no branding at all. (Did somebody say McDonald's? Not in those ads.)

Now, agency and client are back with a follow-up campaign that, in a way, is even more minimalist. Instead of the actual products, now we get clean, simple drawings of the products—turning them into actual icons. There is a bit more explicit branding on these, though, but it's still very subtle—a tiny Golden Arches next to the illustrations.

The ads feature McDonald's "Big 6" menu items—Big Mac, cheeseburger, fries, sundae, Chicken Nuggets and Filet-o-Fish—and will appear on more than 2,700 outdoor displays, with the major rollout beginning June 2. The agency calls the work "unique and modern, in the McDonald's brand image," "exclusive, simple and universal, just like the six iconic products" and "a fun and intriguing addition to our cities."

Quelle: adweek

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